Discussion will play off the main titles which are the focus of each presenter’s ideas.


James Glenn-Anderson – The incredible interplay of art, music and science.

Magnus Toren – The legendary Henry Miller his influence on poetry, painting and the modern novel.

Rachel Corbett – “You Must Change Your Life.”  Looking at the interaction of poetry (Rilke) and sculpture (Rodin).

Toinette Lippe - From London to New York publishing icon and on the mastery of Chinese Brush Painting. 

Joel Fotinos - “Tattered Cover” (a legendary Denver bookstore) expanding into a publishing legacy of New York based best-selling books in the areas of mind, body, spirit.

John McCleary – Revisiting the Hippie Legacy in art, music, photography and popular culture.  

Harriet Lynn - "Page to Stage" - Participants journey through interplay of writing, sharing, synthesizing stories into a group performance piece